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Dataflex Plus 53mm Videojet...

$193.00 Price

Type:53mm thermal printhead
Printing Type:Inkjet Printer

Thermal Printhead Assy Original for Videojet 6320 6420 TTO Dataflex Plus 53mm Printer 215984 KCE-53-12PAJ1-VJTR

Genuine Videojet 6420...

$217.00 Price

Printer Model - (300 dpi), 107mm, 6420
Printhead DPI - 300
Printhead Manufacturer - Videojet

Videojet 6420 Printhead KCE-107-12PAT2 or 216585

KCE-32-12PAT1-DV1 Thermal...

$276.00 Price

Optional width:32mm
Resolution:300 dpi (12 dots/inch) Print Quality
Up to 4000mm/min print speed
Large memory for all label formats to store locally
Patented design, machine life, no maintenance
USB can be used to transfer messages between printers and through computers

New KCE-32-12PAT1-VJ...

$174.00 Price

Condition: New
Use: Videojet
Type: 403325 Printhead original
Printing type: Thermal Transfer printer
New Videojet 403325 Printhead Spare 6320 Thermal Printhead KCE-32-12PAT1-VJ

New Videojet Dataflex plus...

$217.00 Price

Videojet Dataflex plus (107mm) 300dpi Printhead KCE-107-12PAT2-VJ
New OEM thermal print head Kyocera 128mm printhead for Domino KCE-128-12PAT2-ESP KCE-128-12PAT2